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Lightning: Quick and Dirty
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14th-Jan-2010 12:07 am - WWN - Let's sum it up
Get your news on-the-go with the Wizarding Wireless Network, the trusted news source that's always there. Here's a quick rundown of what's been keeping the wizarding society in the Lightning RPG buzzing lately as well as some out-of-game, in-character commentary.

Have a comment or question? The WWN encourages feedback from its readers quiet, Rita.

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4th-Dec-2009 08:00 pm - Sirius Black

Sirius Black
A Puppy

DOB: December 22, 1959
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Black with some gray
Eye color: Grey
Build: In human form quite thin, borderline emaciated. Currently stuck in his animagus form.

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4th-Nov-2009 07:40 pm - Colin Creevey

Colin Dashiell Creevey
Photographer and Muggle Studies Professor

DOB: March 26, 1981
Height: 5'10"
Hair: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Build: Slight

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4th-Sep-2009 07:18 pm - Doris Crockford

Doris Crockford
Administrative Assistant at The Phoenix

DOB: She's not telling.
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Red with traces of grey that are carefully concealed.
Eye color: Blue
Build: Very plump and matronly

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4th-Aug-2009 06:48 pm - Roger Davies

Roger Davies
Hogwarts Charms Professor

DOB: May 2, 1978*
Height: 6'2"
Hair: Long Brown
Eye color: Brown
Build: Athletic, muscular but not bulky. Works out.

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4th-Jul-2009 06:56 pm - Fleur Delacour

Fleur Delacour
French Consulate to the Britain Ministry of Magic

DOB: March 16, 1977*
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Silvery Blonde
Eye color: Dark Blue
Build: Slender and generally very willowy.

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4th-Jun-2009 06:48 pm - Gabrielle Delacour

Gabrielle Delacour
Shop Owner, Femme Fatale

DOB: December 20, 1986*
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Build: Slim, Curvy, Tone

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4th-Mar-2009 07:20 pm - Faerie Court

The Stigg
Information Gatherer / Trickster

Height: Knee-high to a pooka ... in other words, not very tall at all.
Hair: Messy messy brown.
Eye color: Blue as a robin's egg.
Build: He's a wisp of a reed of a thing.

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The Chief Advisor to the King and the Head Courtier of the Winter Court

DOB: None
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Dark
Eye color: Dark
Build: Sleek and well-muscled.

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Maiden of the Midnight Court and Head Lady for the Queen

DOB: April 23, 1248
Height: 5'5"
Hair: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Build: Sweetly average.

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4th-Feb-2009 06:52 pm - Argus Filch

Argus Filch
Caretaker of Hogwarts

DOB: Given as Older
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Balding, long stringy brown with grey
Eye color: Brown? According to Lexicon - lamp-like, like Mrs. Norris'
Build: Gaunt, stringy muscles

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4th-Jan-2009 07:58 pm - Seamus Finnigan

Seamus Finnigan
Freelance Journalist

DOB: March, 17th 1980*
Height: 5'5"
Hair: Light brown
Eye color: Gray-blue eyes
Build: Small and stocky

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4th-Dec-2008 07:22 pm - King Finvar

King of the Seelie Court

DOB: None
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Normally blond
Eye color: Quicksilver, adopting the hue of what he wears
Build: Slender, but strong

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7th-Oct-2008 07:16 pm - Gregory Goyle

Gregory Goyle

DOB: June 19, 1980*
Height: 6’3”
Hair: Black
Eye color: Blue
Build: Lumberjack – Big shoulders, strong arms, broad chest, narrow waist.

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6th-Oct-2008 07:13 pm - Hermione Granger

Hermione Jane Granger
Transfiguration Professor

DOB: September 19, 1979
Height: 5'2"
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Build: Hermione is slender, but not without a few comfort pounds to round her with soft feminine curves. She is not all together blessed but she does have adequate feminine charms -- she actually has a very nice body, but tends to hide it under loose clothing and robes.

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4th-Sep-2008 06:06 pm - Daphne Greengrass

Daphne Greengrass
Restauranter and Chef

DOB: February 15, 1980*
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Red - Once in a while she'll have some highlights put in to make it look more auburn, but it's usually a flaming red.
Eye color: Dark Brown
Build: Pleasingly plump and curvy, but not out of shape

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4th-May-2008 06:53 pm - Fenrir Greyback, aka The Watcher

Fenrir Greyback, aka The Watcher
Insane Werewolf What Eats People

DOB: Unknown
Height: 6'2" - described as a 'big, rangy man with matted grey hair and whiskers.'
Hair: Matted grey hair and whiskers.
Eye color: Yellowish brown.
Build: Big and Rangy

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4th-Mar-2008 07:23 pm - Viktor Krum

Viktor Krum
Flying Instructor and Quidditch Referee at Hogwarts

DOB: November 28, 1977*
Height: 6'1"
Hair: shaved bald, but when grown out it's black
Eye color: dark brown
Build: extremely muscular, stocky, intimidating physically

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4th-Feb-2008 07:17 pm - Bellatrix Black Lestrange

Bellatrix Black Lestrange
Once and future Death Eater

DOB: January 6, 1952*
Height: 5’10"
Hair: Black.
Eye color: Dark brown.
Build: Skin and bones and points.

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4th-Jan-2008 07:42 pm - Neville Longbottom

Neville Longbottom

No Journal at this Time
DOB: July 30, 1980
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Build: Tall and solid

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4th-Dec-2007 07:37 pm - Luna Lovegood

Luna Lovegood
Shop Owner

DOB: January 31st, 1981*
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Blonde
Eye color: Silvery grey eyes
Build: Slender

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4th-Nov-2007 07:24 pm - Remus Lupin

Remus Lupin
DADA Professor and Gryffindor Head of House

DOB: March 10, 1960
Height: 6'
Hair: Gray, with hints of brown remaining
Eye color: Dark brown
Build: Wiry.

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4th-Oct-2007 07:38 pm - Queen Maev

Queen of the Winter Court

DOB: None. Foolish mortals.
Height: 174 cm (5' 8.5")
Hair: Whatever she wishes. Usually black.
Eye color: Whatever she wishes. Usually blue.
Build: Queenly.

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4th-Sep-2007 06:29 pm - Draco Malfoy

Draco Malfoy
Blond about Town

DOB: June 5, 1980
Height: 5'10"
Hair: Long pale white - blond
Eye color: Grey
Build: Slender, sleek muscles, slim build.

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4th-Aug-2007 11:54 pm - Lucius Malfoy

Lucius Malfoy
Former Death Eater and Father

DOB: October 20th, 1954
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Pale blond
Eye color: Cold gray
Build: Lean and a bit thin from years in Azkaban

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4th-Jul-2007 07:30 pm - Narcissa Malfoy

Narcissa Malfoy
Society Matron and Member of the Board of Governors

DOB: October 30th, 1958*
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Blonde
Eye color: Blue
Build: Slender

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4th-May-2007 07:31 pm - Theodore Nott

Theodore Nott
Cat Burglar

DOB: November 4, 1980*
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Dark Brown, blackish looking - about collar length
Eye color: Blue
Build: "Stringy" and "Weedy Looking" have become slender and agile.

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6th-Apr-2007 08:02 pm - Pansy Parkinson

Pansy Parkinson

DOB: March 21, 1980*
Height: 5’5"
Hair: Black
Eye color: Green
Build: Petite but with lush curves.

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6th-Mar-2007 07:26 pm - Sally-Anne Perks

Sally-Anne Perks

DOB: May 29, 1980*
Height: 5'6"
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye color: Brown
Build: Average

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4th-Feb-2007 06:52 pm - Poppy Pomfrey

Poppy Pomfrey
Healer at Hogwarts

DOB: February 14th, 1952*
Height: 5'8"
Hair: Blond.
Eye color: Hazel.
Build: Slender.

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4th-Jan-2007 06:09 pm - Harry Potter

Harry Potter
Teacher at (and founder of) the Phoenix

DOB: July 31st, 1980
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Black
Eye color: Green
Build: Not Arnold Schwarzenegger for damned sure, but in very good shape. A lot of his keeping in shape will be with what he has been doing since the final confrontation - more on that a bit later.

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4th-Dec-2006 06:50 pm - Adrian Pucey

Adrian Pucey
Potions Master

DOB: January 12, 1978*
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Black
Eye color: Brown
Build: Tall and pretty well built.

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4th-Oct-2006 06:05 pm - Izabel Sinistra

Aurora Izabel Sinistra
Professor of Astronomy and Ravenclaw Head of House

DOB: August 3, 1965*
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Varied - has lost track of what color the original is, probably brown. Switches from Auburn to Blond mostly.
Eye color: Hazel
Build: Normal for a 40 year old witch - in good shape but not perfect by any means. Ass starting to sag maybe and has to start thinking about doing a bit more exercise.

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4th-Sep-2006 06:49 pm - Severus Snape

Severus Snape
Apothecary, a Potions Master, and an Instructor at the Phoenix

DOB: January 9, 1959*
Height: 6'
Hair: Black - lank and greasy when he's been working
Eye color: Black
Build: Thin, but muscular. Has needed to keep up his strength and reflexes for so long it's now a habit.

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3rd-Sep-2006 01:44 am - Alicia Spinnet

Alicia Spinnet
Freelance Author

DOB: May 25, 1978
Height: 5'10"
Hair: Naturally a brunette but she's been known to dye it blonde.
Eye color: Deep gray, almost black.
Build: Alicia is not and never has been a dainty kind of girl. Although thin and lithe, she's also tall and solidly built. Rather than simply toning, Alicia has a tendency toward muscular definition that leads to a sculpted back and rather big thighs. She also has a massive arse, but that can be construed as a good thing.

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4th-Aug-2006 06:06 pm - Vera Vector

S. Vera Vector
Arithmancy professor

DOB: August 29, 1967*
Height: 5’6"
Hair: Blonde. … OK, brown, but for now it's blonde …
Eye color: Brown
Build: Slender, angular ... flat.

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4th-Jun-2006 06:59 pm - Bill Weasley

Bill Weasley
Curse-Breaker for Gringott's Bank

DOB: November 29, 1970
Height: 6'4"
Hair: Dark Red
Eye color: Dark Brown
Build: Muscular and tall, powerful

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4th-May-2006 07:40 pm - Charlie Weasley

Charlie Weasley
Bartender at the Three Broomsticks and Former Dragon Wrangler

DOB: December, 12th, 1972
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Dark red
Eye color: Blue-gray
Build: Average height and stockily built

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4th-Mar-2006 07:34 pm - Ginny Weasley

Ginny Weasley
Proprietress of the Goddess Gallery

DOB: August 11, 1981
Height: 5'3"
Hair: Red
Eye color: Brown
Build: Petite, but athletic.

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5th-Feb-2006 01:49 am - Percy Weasley

Percy Ignatius Weasley
Director of the Ministry of Magic's Office in Hogsmeade (brand new branch)

DOB: August 22, 1976
Height: 6'3"
Hair: Dark Red
Eye color: Brown
Build: Slim

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4th-Jan-2006 06:12 pm - Ron Weasley

Ronald Bilius Weasley
Shop Owner of Ron's Quidditch Supplies and Instructor at the Phoenix

DOB: March 1, 1980
Height: 6'3"
Hair: Flaming red, when he was younger he batted away his mother to keep his precious hair long like Bill's let it get really but now tries to keep it shorter.
Eye color: Blue
Build: Tall and thin. The only muscles are from carrying books, throwing Quaffles and living with five older brothers.

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4th-Nov-2005 07:38 pm - Rose Zeller

Rose Zeller
Apprentice to Rubeus Hagrid and employee of Un Peu de Ciel

DOB: September 4, 1984*
Height: 5'3"
Hair: It is naturally black
Eye color: Hazel
Build: She is young and aware that she has a rather nice body, but would never dream of showing it off -- too much.

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8th-Oct-2005 01:34 am - Dead and Missing
A List of the Missing and/or Dead

These characters will not be cast without a heck of a good reason.

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